About DSI

Our Mission

DSI provides expertise and services to help customers capture data and inform decisions.

Taken together, our services, our choice of products and our structured approach enable DSI to achieve our mission. Our goal is to enable customers to eliminate inefficiencies caused by paper based processes and by electronic documents lost in digital landfills on file servers, local hard drives, and removable disks. Our professional services team helps customer executives, managers and front line staff to assess which documents and electronic content are most critical to effective decision making. We recognize that customers’ businesses process pivot on decisions that require secure efficient access to indexed documents and content.

Our Structured Approach

Based on over 20 years of experience implementing solutions for document and records management, DSI has established the early identification of a project steering team as a best practice. Typically, the steering team is comprised of a client executive sponsor who acts as an owner and supporter of the project. It also includes a consortium of client stake-holders, e.g., representatives from the IT leadership, heads of divisions, and business process owners, as well as members of the DSI project team. The steering team acts as an arbiter for project performance, strategies, recommendations and deliverables. The steering team also champions the project within the organization and assists with the creation and execution of policies required to drive the project forward and achieve maximum value for the customer. A detailed project plan is also developed during the first stage of the project.

The evaluation phase focuses on DSI gaining an in-depth understanding of the current client environment, as well as to assess, validate and document specific customer requirements for the proposed content and workflow system in order to increase client efficiency, accountability and quality of service. DSI works with the client to define and categorize existing documents, including how specific records are located, retrieved and used, in order to effect efficient storage, search and retrieval within the future FileNet P8 repository. DSI also employs targeted interviews to assess how documents interact with the client’s core business processes.

The overall goal of the recommendation stage is to provide the client with a strategy for increasing its document management maturity in order to reduce dependence on manual processes and ad-hoc solutions, while enabling user-friendly solutions for capturing, managing, delivering, storing, and preserving documents. Recommendations are guided by client objectives and tailored to client constraints such as technology readiness, IT resources, organizational readiness and available funding.

During the Implementation phase, the DSI technology team will configure, install, customize and test the FileNet and Kofax system.

DSI can also provide conversion services to the client to prime the ECM system with active records. Our technical approach and quality control plan for Conversion Services is based on the lessons learned and best practices.

To validate the overall system, DSI works with an assigned subset of customers to first utilize the system in pilot mode. DSI then asks for an evaluation of the system. After recommended changes are implemented, the system is rolled out for all users. After an appropriate period of time, a second evaluation will be requested. DSI also provides comprehensive and organized on-site training for both end users and future client instructors, as well as recommended training from IBM and Kofax.

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