Professional Services

DSI uses a structured methodology, from project initiation through validation, to provide unparalleled professional services that include needs assessments, requirements gathering, and systems integration

  1. Initiation: To establish the project’s team structure, define communication objectives and procedures, and to finalize the baseline Project Implementation Plan.
  2. Evaluation: To insure design objectives are in line with customer goals with respect to IT readiness, while taking personnel resources and budget into consideration.
  3. Recommendation: To spec out application modules and to appropriately document software and hardware design, as well as to define customization attributes.
  4. Implementation: To configure, order, install hardware and software. To customize FileNet P8 Content Manager parameters (security controls, document class configuration, folder structures, etc.) and user interfaces.
  5. Validation: To insure the solution is working according to design specifications without errors. To insure end users and System Administrators are prepared to use and manage the system. To insure system stabilization and to gather end-user evaluations.
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